Saturday, May 18, 2019

Treasure Hunting: Spring 2019

Garage sales may have gotten off to a slow start this year, but the last two weekends have more than made up for the wait.  I've been having a blast finding all sorts of fun design goodies, check out my newest treasures:

 Terra Cotta Pots

These paint chipped pots were only .25 each.  I generally prefer that my terra cotta be left in it's natural coloring, but for a quarter apiece I figured I could repaint these and see how a little gold looks mixed in with the rest of my outdoor containers.  It turned out really well and I'll share some photos soon 😍

 Dome Clock

I've been looking for a clock like this for awhile now so that I could create an enchanted rose cloche (think Beauty and the Beast).  This was was only $1 and worked perfectly once I purchased an artificial red rose - how to tutorial coming soon!

 Grinning Skulls

These bony friends still had the original $7 price tags on the bottom, but I snagged them for .50 each.  I planned on incorporating them into my Halloween decor this year, but one has gone missing.  A certain little boy that I know insists that this is the perfect accessory to his Indian Jones costume 😁

 Fancy Box

Speaking of Indiana Jones, this wooden box (that looks like a bag) also ended up in someone's costume bin.  I thought it would be great for my Halloween potion bottle collection, but for now that same little boy has taken it too.  Either way, it was only $1.


I've been thinking about experimenting with antler decor but don't want to apply paint to any of Husby's trophies.  This .50 antler will be the perfect substitute.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it exactly, but at least I've got it on hand 😉

 Tiny Pie

I don't know if this .25 miniature pie was intended to be a kids toy or just a small container, but it is absolutely adorable.  I tucked it right in to my china cabinet with the rest of my cake and goodies collection.

Star Charts

Can you believe these star charts were in a FREE box?  It's amazing to me how often I find science goodies in boxes marked 'free'.  The kids and I like to sit outside a lot during the warmer months to look at the stars and the star wheel cover will help me to teach them the constellations.  But even better the inside is packed with star charts for the northern hemisphere, two for every season in fact.  I've always wanted to have a series of star charts framed on the wall and this book will do the trick.

Spools of Ribbon

Each of these brand new, unopened spools were marked at only .25 each.  If you are counting them up, that's only 3.25 for so much crafting potential!

Artists Brushes

So I already have a pretty good collection of paint brushes, can't complain, but when I saw this gorgeous new set, complete with a canvas carrying case, I had to have them.  Especially since the entire set was only $5!

Arcoroc Milk Glass

Not only did I stumble upon more of this vintage French milk glass (18 pieces to be exact) but the entire lot was only $6!  I can't wait to do up a spooky, Halloween milk glass table setting this year!

Want to see what a great deal this is?  Here is a listing on Etsy where just four of these bowls retail for almost $30!

So. Many. Greens.

Last but not least, I found a giant boxed stuffed full of high quality artificial greenery.  It's the really good stuff, thick and sturdy with strong wiring.  I estimate the collection to be around $200, but I only parted with $3!  There was so much in here that I filled out my entire back porch with potted greens - post coming soon!


I hope you've enjoyed this treasure hunting post, thanks for stopping by!

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