Saturday, December 7, 2019

How to Make a Nintendo Controller Christmas Tree Ornament

How to Make a Nintendo Game Controller Christmas Tree Ornament

Hello everyone and welcome back after the Thanksgiving break!
Christmas is in full swing at our house including some new gamer inspired ornaments on our tree.
Read on to see how easy they are to make for yourself:


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Supplies Needed

For this project you will need a gaming remote, glue gun, scissors, ribbon and rhinestone embellishments.

Don't have any extra remotes hanging around?  Pick some up from Amazon for around $10 each.

Cutting the Cord
Step 1

Cut the cord of the remote leaving about 4 inches of cord remaining.  
Of course you will make sure that the remote is not plugged in to any power source first 😉

Making a Hanger
Making a Hanger
Making a Hanger
Step 2

Fold over the length of cord and push the end into the same hole that the cord comes out of.  Add a bit of glue to the hole opening to keep the folded cord in place.  
This will now be your ornament hanger 😊

Making the Bow
Step 3

Using the ribbon of your choice, cut a length about 6 inches or so.  I settled on a satin red because I thought it would look nice with the buttons and wording, but you could certainly customize here.

Making the Bow
Step 4

Begin making your bow by loopin the ribbon loosely in half and secure with a dot of glue.  
This will create the bow's tails.

Making the Bow
Step 5

With another spot of glue, bring the back piece of ribbon forward and attach to the tails that you just made.  Congratulations, now you've got a simple bow!

Making the Bow
Step 6

Glue the newly made bow to the remote just in front of where the cord loop was made.

Embellish the Ornament
Step 7

Last but not least, dress up your bow with a rhinestone embellishment.  I kept my ornaments simple by making them all the same but the creative possibilities are endless!

Perfect Gift For Holiday Gamers

Now that you've got a few made you can hang them on the tree to enjoy, or give away as gifts to your favorite gamers.  But why stop there?  I would love to see similar ornaments with Super Nintendo or Wii remotes - If you make some send me your pics to:


I hope you enjoyed this how-to ornament post, thanks for stopping by!