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Desk Chair Makeovers


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Today I'm sharing my adventures in desk chair makeovers.
Because the pandemic has us spending so much time at home in front of our computers for school and work, I thought a couple of nice desk chairs for my daughter and I were in order.
Check out how easy it is to take a couple of used chairs and make them over into something beautiful:


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First up, my chair!

I found this one for only $5 at a local thrift store and I must disclose that it did not look so horrible until I ruined it myself 😕.  You see, my son had really been wanting a cool looking gaming chair that he had seen on YouTube annnnnnd I thought that maybe I could re-create the look with heat applied vinyl....I could not 😄😄😄

The heat from the transfer process melted the already existing vinyl and the whole thing just came apart.  But for $5 it was a 'learning experience'.

He did get a nice chair as well, but it's just plain black with a plain black cover on top.  Not really worthy of this makeover post...


Not one to give up or to waste, I thought I could still salvage the chair somehow.  I grabbed a can of spray paint and gave the whole thing a once over.  Because the arms and legs of the chair would remain visible, I made sure that they were completely covered.  The body of the chair I only lightly coated.  This was because I didn't want the patches of black showing through the cream colored slip cover.

*I'm going to pretend that I had that figured out beforehand, but nope.  Originally I painted only the arms and legs of the chair and when I put on the slip cover it looked terrible, so I took it off, painted the chair body and then put the slip cover back....'learning experience'...😂

You can find a similar chair cover for $14.99 at Walmart

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Home Decor

And here is my chair all pretty after going through so many experiments!

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My daughter's chair was of higher quality and came in at a higher (same thrift store) price of $25.  Still quite the deal and with so much experience from the first chair, I knew right away to paint the whole thing 😉

Because the shape of this chair is a bit different I went with a two-piece slipcover.
You can find it here for $7.80 at Walmart

*Note - The use of spray paint leaves quite a smell afterward.  Since we were having good weather I was able to leave my chairs outdoors for a few days until the fresh air took away the odor.

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And here is my daughter's chair.
I like the way that the cream on cream color scheme turned out.

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But what about those accessories?
The throw pillows I already had, the throw blankets were made:

Wanting a couple of coordinating throws for the chairs, I purchased the plush twin sized blanket pictured above.  It was an easy project to cut the blanket in half and run a couple of new seams along the raw edges, leaving me with two throw sized blankets!

Mainstays plush blanket, $10.46 at Walmart

Home Decor

And there you have it, two pretty and comfortable desk chairs for under $60!
For comparison the chair on the left retails for around $60 alone while the one on the right is about $100 😎


I hope you enjoyed this DIY furniture upgrade post, thanks for stopping by!


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