Saturday, April 3, 2021

Decorative Carrot Soup



I've been wanting to try my hand at faux drinks for awhile now and finally ordered what I thought was the right kind of acrylic water product.  But oops, instead of getting something that could fill a pitcher, I bought a product intended for shallow displays only!  Not wanting to waste the supply I started brainstorming about what other crafts I could use it for and it finally hit me - faux carrot soup to go with my Easter Decor!

Here is how easy it was to put together, check it out:


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For this project I used a glass bowl that I picked up at the thrift store, Realistic Water, acrylic paint, clay carrot slices, faux leaves and Spanish moss.

You can find the Realistic Water here on Amazon.  
Because his particular form of acrylic water is intended for shallow displays (think river or lake scene dioramas) it is recommended at a maximum depth of 1/8".  If you are wanting to create faux drinks or floral vases with a greater depth, I recommend this epoxy resin kit.  I have used this one to fill a pitcher and glasses with faux lemonade, and it worked really well 😊

The carrot slices were made with  Crayola air dry clay.  I simply rolled a few little balls, flattened them into slices and then painted them with acrylic paint.

Mixing the Soup

After pouring in a small amount of the Realistic Water, I added a few drops of the orange acrylic paint and mixed it well.

The Realistic water is very cloudy when first poured, but does dry nicely clear.  
It also mixed well with the paint.

Ingredient Prep

With my clay carrot slices ready to go, I cut some artificial leaves and Spanish moss into tiny bits.  I wanted to get the effect of seasoning 😉


I then added in my carrot slices and 'seasoning' before setting the bowl aside to set up.  After a couple of days the liquid should be dry, but I like to give it a week to fully cure.

Tip:  If you want to make it a little deeper, you can add another layer of the Realistic Water once the first layer is fully cured.

And there you have it - a yummy bowl of carrot soup for your Easter table!


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I hope you enjoyed this Easter decor post, thanks for stopping by!


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