Friday, April 8, 2022

Dollar Tree Checkers Turned Faux Cookie Decor

Fake Cookies

I was happily browsing through my local Dollar Tree when I spotted some checkers in the toy section.  They were the perfect size and shape for faux cookies so I thought, why not experiment?

Here is how easy the project was:


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Fake Cookies

In this pic you can see the checker set that I used as well as my brand/ color of spray paint.

(You can click here to browse Dollar Tree's online selection)

Fake Cookies

The black checkers I kept as they were, but the red ones I sprayed with the brown.

Fake Cookies

Once the 'cookies' were dry, I sandwiched them together with lightweight spackle.

Fake Cookies

After that all that was left was to stick them on top of some faux cakes and I was good to go.  And there you have it, easy to make decorative 'Oreo' cookies for your fake bake decor!

Maybe you don't like the crown printing that is still visible on the checkers and would like a more authentic Oreo?  Here is a post where I show you how to make your own silicone molds 😎

Note - In case you are unfamiliar with fake cake making, these are just a couple of pieces of Styrofoam that have been 'iced' with light weight joint compound.  I then used more of the joint compound in an icing bag with a Wilton open star tip to add the details.


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