Friday, October 8, 2021

Spooky Halloween Specimen Decor


A couple of years ago I made a collection of potions for my Halloween decor.  Wanting to add to that display, I thought a few spooky specimens would be just the thing.

Read on to see how easy they were to put together:


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I found these wooden plaques in Dollar Tree's craft section.  
After removing the strings I painted them in green acrylic.


Next I used spray adhesive to sprinkle on some embossing powder, then hot glue to attach the bugs.
The embossing powder is something I picked up at a yard sale one time.  I've never used it for any actual embossing, but I love the way it gives some 'grit' to my decorative projects 😊

  Lastly I tucked in some bits of Spanish moss with hot glue as well.

The little bugs are Dollar Tree toys that I sprayed with black spray paint.
You can see an example of  how I did that in this Halloween cloche post.


And here my specimens are, all ready for a Halloween display!

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